Billie will be a guest on an episode of "An Oral History of The Office" - @eilishupdates / Twitter

FAN INTERVIEW: Get to know Alina, the owner behind Eilishoutfits on Instagram - @eilishupdates / Twitter

Billie has now unfollowed everyone on Instagram - @eilishupdates / Twitter

billie signed a letter asking for federal assistance to keep music venues across the US from closing - @billiesource / Twitter

Billie Eilish: me & dad radio with special guest host brittany packnett cunningham - EP.3

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watch the full episode here

billie's message to this year's graduates as shown during YouTube's #DearClassOf2020 livestream - @billiesource / Twitter

Billie Eilish: Confessions of a Teenage Superstar - British GQ

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By Jonathan Heaf
4 June 2020

Is it just us or are the prodigiously brilliant getting younger? Last year, at age 17, Billie Eilish's album sold more than any other in the States and she hit six billion streams on Spotify. This year she has become the youngest artist to win all four major Grammys at once and released an instantly classic Bond theme. So what’s behind such incredible early genius? What creates it? Where’s the motivation? What is the cost? We met the star who speaks for and to a generation that came of age in lockdown and found intelligent candour and wounds that time has not yet healed. On the imperative of graft and the embarrassment of plaudits; on body image and on the conflict of desire; and on the terrible scrutiny of social media that took her to the brink of suicide: this is Billie Eilish...


Billie shows support for George Floyd via Instagram stories

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