Same Interview, The Fourth Year - Vanity Fair YouTube

Billie appearances - Song Exploder podcast, "Venture Into Cures"; message to Irish fans; Capital FM interview excerpt

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Billie AMA via Instagram - @billiesource / Twitter (Oct. 17, 2020)

Billie Eilish joined Power The Polls’ prep rally on zoom last night

Billie interview on Capital Breakfast (Sep. 1, 2020)

Billie Eilish on the VMAs & Directing Her Own Music Videos - MTV News / YouTube

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Billie Eilish sits down with MTV News's Dometi Pongo to talk about her 2020 Video Music Awards nominations (including Video of the Year and Song of the Year for 'everything i wanted'), directing her own music videos, and more.

Billie Eilish x Telekom: What We Do Next

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Some people say that our generation has its head in the clouds—that we don’t live in the real world. But we always think about WHAT WE DO NEXT. Because the future matters. And we’re fighting to make this world a better place. That’s why we stay connected. That’s why we live online. Together with Billie Eilish, let’s show them how technology has empowered us to make a difference! Check it out: https://whatwedonext.electronicbeats.... #WhatWeDoNext

Interview link posted by XMichiX:

Billie interview in American Songwriter (July - Aug. 2020)

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