Custom Billie Eilish Pops


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Nov 26, 2020
Hey, Guys! I just opened an Etsy store featuring the Custom Billie Eilish Funko Pops that I do! I'm out of work because of Corona, so I started doing this as a hobby; I'm a huge Billie fan and I love doing artsy stuff. Please take a look at my store if you get a chance. I'm hoping to sell a few of these so I have the space to make more!

Seriously, even if you aren't looking to buy anything, just check out the store. I had so much fun making them, and I have a few others I'm working on right now. They make me smile, and if they make you smile too, then it's a win for me. =)

Here are pictures of some of my favorites. The link to the shop is below them.

D2005D43-3DD9-43DB-BBFB-AB1DCD70C2DB.JPGimage2 (1).jpegimage3 (1)