How I made a 3D video for Billie Eilish


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Aug 14, 2020

Hello. My name is Dmitry, I am a big fan of Billie Eilish. I've always loved Billie's warm attitude towards her fans and I've always wanted to do something like that in return for her. Since I recently became a motion designer, it dawned on me, and I decided to make a short 3D video about Billy and her work. I hope you enjoyed this experiment)

How it was

First of all, I want to thank everyone who responded to me in social networks and forums. Thanks to you, I was able to organize a lot of messy ideas together and decide on the final concept of the video. I received a lot of helpful and warm feedback from you🧡

The whole process took place in Cinema 4D using the modern rendering engine Redshift and took me 3 months.

During this time, I built 10 different scenes, fully worked them out: filled them with 3D models, animated all objects in the frame, thought out the transitions between scenes so that the video looked interesting and dynamic.


This is how I worked in software:
1.building a primitive environment and setting up a draft animation
2.Modeling 3D environment and replacing primitives with final 3D objects
3.setting materials and working with light

I selected all the objects in the video in such a way that they would be associated with our beloved Billie: the corporate font, blohsh, avocado, musical instruments and even stylish textures on the balls from Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. I made the whole video in black and light green shades, because it is with such colors that fans associate Billie. In my opinion, it turned out very stylish, what do you think?


For the music I chose the remix of the track "bad guy" by PatrickReza.

Will Billie be there?​

Of course! In my video, I made several scenes with the integration of filming material into the 3D environment and vice versa. As a filming material, I took cuttings from Billie's interviews in the public domain. I implemented this process in Adobe After Effects. This is the result I eventually came to. What do you think?


I will not describe a lot of details, for this I recorded a video in which I spoke in more detail about the process of creating a 3D video. I suggest you look below and write in the comments what you think about this. (Attention: the movie is recorded in Russian, but you can turn on subtitles in the desired language on YouTube)

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There will be many more interesting things. If you have any questions for me, please ask me in the Instagram Direct or in the comments under the video on Youtube. That's all folks for now. Bye)