Billie Eilish video chats surprised Australian fans - triple j / YouTube

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Published on May 5, 2019

We hooked some of Billie Eilish's biggest fans up with a one-on-one video chat session. Wholesomeness ensued. They cover topics such as the evolution of her music, biggest fears, alternate careers, tattoos, Instagram, body image and more.

Billie Eilish roasts her brother Finneas O'Connell in the CUTEST way possible - Ash London Live / YouTube

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Published on May 3, 2019

Billie Eilish and her brother have the typical sibling relationship - paying each other out.

Billie Eilish 2019 Interview With Kyle & Jackie O - KIIS1065 / YouTube

Billie Eilish Says Half Of The Free Shoes She Receives Are "F**king Ugly" - HotNewHipHop

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Billie Eilish Says Half Of The Free Shoes She Receives Are "F**king Ugly" - HotNewHipHop


It's safe to say that Billie Eilish has a unique sense of style, almost looking as though she'll put anything on that's five times too big with an eccentric pattern or has the face of a cartoon character she admires. In a recent interview with 2Day FM's Grant, Ed and Ash Show, the 17-year-old explained how she really isn't a fan of everything she gets sent as freebies.

"Thing is I get like twelve pairs of shoes a week," she told the crew. While she added how it sounds very cool, she admitted that it's not always the case. "And a lot of them are fucking ugly. Honestly, half of it is amazing and I love it. But half I'm like sheesh."

Billie Eilish Takes 'The Office' Quiz With Rainn Wilson - Billboard / YouTube

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Published on May 3, 2019

Billboard sent Rainn Wilson, who portrayed Dwight Schrute on the iconic television series 'The Office,' to Billie Eilish’s house to surprise her and to quiz her on some show-related trivia.

Billie Eilish Explains Why She Is So Close With Her Fans - MTV Australia

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Published on May 2, 2019

Billie Eilish sat down with MTV Australia's Lisa Hamilton for TRL to chat about what it feels like to be the biggest star in the world right now, her love of thrifting, getting free clothes, how she feels about Kiwi and Aussie fans, and where she's going to go when she takes some time off.

Billie interview on The Project - Network Ten

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'It's raw, it's real': Singer Billie Eilish, 17, reveals why she still records music in her brother's bedroom after topping one billion streams on Spotify - Daily Mail


But on Thursday, Billie Eilish revealed to The Project the surprising reason she still records her music in her brother's bedroom.

Currently on her Australian tour, Billie appeared humble as she said the arrangement was 'working for them' creativity.

'It's working for us, why change that?' Billie said, when asked by co-host Waleed Aly why she hasn't moved her creative process to a professional studio.

Billie's brother Finneas O'Connell is also a music producer, with the siblings working on a number of songs together.

'If it's not broken, why fix it? Coz there's nothing to fix. You know. We started making music...

Pop prodigy Billie Eilish gets real on fame, fans and nailing Instagram in 2019 - triple j / YouTube

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Published on May 2, 2019


Billie Eilish chats to triple j's Ben and Liam about learning to drive in 2019, hiding in plain sight, appearing on Ellen, playing Coachella followed by regional Australia, her favourite fan accents, following 666 accounts on Instagram, reacting to Cub Sport's 'when the party's over' Like A Version, pooping during The Office, getting into Brooklyn Nine-Nine, wild fan gifts and Takis!

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