Billie Eilish in 3D? This is something new (part 2)


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Aug 14, 2020

The last week was busy and difficult for me, but not unsuccessful. I began to bring the video into a more or less appropriate form.

This process requires attention to details. All week I tried to introduce objects-associations into the video about Billie, such as: blohshs, skulls, musical instruments, artifacts from her videos, etc.


Billy is a vegan and is often associated with avocado by fans. I decided that it can be used)


"Don’t smile at me" album presentation

In this shot I used artifacts from Billy's official music video (bellyache) from this album. Billie is a fan of taco bell, so I decided to add sombrero to the shot to emphasize this.


"When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" album presentation

This shot is dark and stylish just like the album itself. Billie won a Grammy award for this album and I also emphasized this in my video. I also painted this frame in the fans' favorite color scheme. It looks cool as for me)

The video is not ready yet. Billy's character still needs to be worked out well. Also I continue to work with light and materials and will soon delight you with the final version of the video. Now I have to run)

To be continued...
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