Billie Eilish x Telekom: What We Do Next

Some people say that our generation has its head in the clouds—that we don’t live in the real world. But we always think about WHAT WE DO NEXT. Because the future matters. And we’re fighting to make this world a better place. That’s why we stay connected. That’s why we live online. Together with Billie Eilish, let’s show them how technology has empowered us to make a difference! Check it out: https://whatwedonext.electronicbeats.... #WhatWeDoNext

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When Billie released her new Song "my future", in the same Night you've found the first Tutorials and Covers on YT. I also Uploaded a Video about my future in the first night after this great Song was released. But Billie is much more for me, she is much more worth than Fame only! I hope these People also see and respect, what Billie is working behind the Scenes, for Animal Protection or the Project together with her Mom Maggie "Support and Feed". Only two Examples. I hate People only respect other People because of Fame. For me Fame is not important. Billie has a Big Heart. Also her Family has. And thats more worth than all the Fame in the World!
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